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Frequently Asked Questions

 01 What is Calmify Wellness Center?

Calmify Wellness Center is a caring and dedicated Las Vegas therapy practice, that specializes in Anxiety and Depression treatment for both adults and children. Although we also treat other areas such as Children’s behavioral issues and Couples Counseling, our primary focus is dedicated to the treatment of anxiety and depression disorders.

 02 Do you offer virtual sessions?

Yes, We believe that therapy can be just as effective through virtual sessions as it is in person. Through secure video conferencing platforms, we can meet with you from the comfort of your own home or office, at a time that works best for your schedule. Our virtual sessions are confidential, secure, and just as interactive as our in-person sessions.

 03 Do you accept medical Insurance?

Yes, Calmify Wellness Center now accepts the following forms of payment: 

Medicaid, Medicare, Anthem B/C B/S, Health Plan of Nevada, Molina Healthcare, Silver Summit, Tri-Care, Aetna, Carelon Behavioral, United Healthcare/Optum, Credit Card and Health Savings Accounts.

 04 I Want to get the most out of therapy.
               What can I
do to help?

1. Consistency is key to reaching your goals. Additionally, it is vital to give yourself at least one hour a week where you can put yourself first to focus on YOU.


2. Develop a stronger rapport with your therapist. It is easier and more likely that you will become more comfortable with your therapist and more apt to open up in the therapy session if you are meeting with them regularly


3. A set, weekly time helps make therapy an expected part of your routine. Having infrequent or inconsistent appointments with your therapist can lead to forgetting sessions or stunting your growth and development in therapy.


4. Avoid cancellation fees. We do have a cancellation fee. Be mindful that if you cannot make it to see us, let us know 24 hours in advance.


5. As much as possible, try to keep the focus of your session on YOU, it is easy to get caught up in venting about the people and problems you’re currently facing, although blowing off a bit of steam is natural and even healthy. The time with your therapist is better spent talking about the person you are there to help, YOU.

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